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In this section, Fratelli Barbotti S.r.l. introduces just part of its regular production, the resul of over thirty-two years of know-how and trustworthiness and the reason why it is considered by its Customers a fully reliable enterprise.

The experience and the quality of the materials guarantee the durabilità and reliability requie by the most advanced oil, chimica, thermal and petrolchemical plants.

Fratelli Barbotti S.r.l.’s production range includes alla flanges certified by UNI, ASA ASME, DIN, AWWA, ISO, UNAV and specifically the LINE DISCONNETICTING DEVICES AND DRAINAGE RINGS called SPECTACLE, BLIND, SPACER RINGS.

On request flanges custom made based on the client’s project/ drawings with CNC mechanical machining, on work stations and with diameters up to 4.000 mm are also available.

The line blind disconnecting devices, spacer rings, eight-shaped rings and drainage rings are available with diameters from 16’’ to 150’’ and Series from 150 to 1.500 lbs.

The line disconnecting devices include two pieces, a disck and a ring forged and welded together. They are separation elements inserted between two flanges to disconnect a section of the line.

The line line drainage rings are made of an integral ring forged with a threaded plug or a slot ring used to drain the line of application.

The materials most commonly used to manufacture the spacer rings are : ASTM 105, LF2 AISI 304L, AISI 316L, ALLOY STEELS. etc



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